Bamboo Floors Installation Manhattan NY

The durability of Bamboo flooring varies outrageously. This is because it is the adhesives that are used to handle the bamboo that define its hardness not necessarily the inherent value of grass. This means that if you want cheap floor installation then you get soft bamboo which measures between 900 and 1300 on the commonly used Janka range.

There are various methods of doing bamboo floors installation. Nailing down is one of the methods where strips made of wood are decently nailed in position of the sub-floor. Nowadays, to enhance precision, staples are widely used.

Floating is another technique where wood strips are snapped on each other above foam underlay. This is preferred because there is no need of glue or nails. Installation is also done by gluing down the wood snaps tightly on each other to increase stability.

The method to use is a factor of the floor bought. Therefore it is important to check with your flooring company for the best method to use.

Bamboo Floors Installers in Manhattan NY