Parquet Floors Refinishing Manhattan NY

Parquet flooring is usually a wood-flooring architecture having an inlaid pattern. This kind of flooring is extraordinary for it is often witnessed in older homesteads where layout was achieved by hand.

This flooring offers a great deal of intricacy due to complexity of details used. It can be very challenging for installers who lack precise training and skill on this particular infrastructure.However, it is a well-thought art that gives invaluable beauty to both businesses and homes.

When refinishing this type of floors, it all starts with buffing and sanding in order to prepare the surface for the renovations. This is followed by application of polyurethane coat which is usually water-based, Oil Based or natural finishing like Rubio Monocoat.

The reason for this selection is that it dries fast allowing for application of many layers within a day. In addition, it is non-toxic meaning that there is no exposure to hazardous fumes.

If you want to change the color of your floor, staining can be done using your preferred color. This again calls for great expertise.